The Immortality Blessings


The Second Coming of

Jesus Christ

in progress . . .


*  *  *  *



The Astronomic Portal

will open again:


Spring 2023


To emit the Astronomic Lightforce . . .



Your BacterVira are activated

and are morphing

your DNA

with a new design.



Prepare now by becoming Virtuous.



Only the Virtuous will become


during this

Astronomic Event

that rarely occurs

after many millennia

as written in the

original Holy Bible

and verified

by the

Mayan Calendar.




Be With Us


Be Left Behind


*   *   *   *





May the Wisdom Force Be With You

Wisdom Peace

*  *  *  *

Beam Me





Rev. Chérie Phillips, Stoic Priest
Theoretical Philosopher
Stoic Philosopher

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